Not the cheapest, not the most expensive, but providing the Best Inspection & Best Report we are the Best Value.  See the Bright Side of inspections with SunnySide.  We hold national and state certifications.  (NJ Lic. #24GI00146300)  

Our inspectors are:

Volunteer Fire Fighters

This unique background provides relevant skills and knowledge.  We leverage this knowledge applying it to the detailed and intricate aspects of your inspection. 


Able-Bodied Inspectors 

Squeezing down into crawl spaces and up into attics, and climbing up on roofs allows us to provide a more complete picture of the home. Additionally our infrared imaging capability rounds out to complete the picture. 


Our construction background with extensive formal training, gives us additional insight, making us the obvious choice.  Additionally we stay knowledgeable of ever-changing building science technology by regularly enrolling in formal continuing education training (CEUs).



We know that buying real estate is one of the largest investments you may ever make and it is an extensive, stressful process. 


Providing our customers with a comprehensive inspection, they are armed with knowledge of the property's true condition, ensuring they are on a level playing field & putting them more at ease.  

This knowledge protects our clients' from overpaying for the property, many times providing returns on the inspection investment, many times over.


Serving:  Central and South New Jersey


Not only do we know the ins-and-outs of inspecting homes as good as anyone, but we do it better than anyone.  We provide you the confidence you need in making your largest financial investment.  We will teach you all you wish to know about the property as well.  So make your next inspection - our next!

Service Pros who have

seen it all

First Responder & Military 10% discount with ID

Contact Us 24 hours a day

7 Days a week



“Thank you so much, Ryan. You are the best home inspector we ever had.  I would recommend you to anyone.  Really!” 

—  Debbie, Blackwood, NJ

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