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Our fees are very competitive, and because we're a small family owned business we have much less overhead so we can charge less than most others, especially larger companies and franchises.  Certain factors of the home (size, age, number of rooms, foundation, unfinished space, etc.) can make a significant difference in how much time it takes to conduct a thorough inspection & compose a report of our quality. 

Typically the cost falls between $250 (e.g. a small new condo) - $1250 (e.g. a very large intricate estate).  However, one party always loses with a'one size fits all' fee due to the varied amounts of time different homes require.  Therefore in fairness to all, we provide a custom fee for each home. 


Please email us the property address at: for the price of your particular home.  We usually reply within 10-120 minutes with your quote.  We are not the cheapest, but we are the best value.  

First Responder & Military (active and Veteran) - 10% discount with ID

All other current & former Government employees - 5% discount with ID

Maximum discount $50

Commercial Inspections - Email for pricing

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